Cin Drallig
Cin Dralig
Master Yoda
Rank Jedi Master/Gerenal
Padawan Serra Keto
Species Human

Cin Dralling was a Jedi Master in charge of Tempe Security

Aftermath Of The BombingEdit

After the bombing of the Jedi temple Cin Drallig was tasked with preventing the riators and family members from entering the Temple.While observing the crowd Anakin Skywalker came up to him when Cin expressed his concerns about the public opinion of the Jedi Anakin said it is war not everyone will agree. After this Anakin told him to be on the look out for Jocar Omani and displayed a hologram.Jacar's wife Letta saw this and rushed forward. Cin watched as Anakin escorted Letta into The Temple.


Star Wars:The Clone WarsEdit

  • Season 5