Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano
Master Anakin Skywalker
Rank Jedi Padawan/Commander

Leader in the Rebellion

Padawan None
Species Togruta


Ahsoka TanoAshoka was a Jedi padawan who was assigned to Anakin Skywalker. After being framed by her friend Barris Offee she left the order. She later returned as a leader in the Rebellion, under the codename, Fulcrum.

Recruitment To The OrderEdit

At a young age Ahsoka was discovered to be force sensitive, her parents contacted the Jedi Order immediately the Jedi sent master Plo Koon to bring her back to the temple. At the temple she quickly became a great youngling and was ready to be given a master in just a few years. Around this time Obi-Wan and Yoda felt it was time Anakin Skywalker got an apprentice so they assigned Ahsoka without his knowledge

Battle Of ChristophsisEdit

Soon after when Obi-Wan and Anakin became stuck on Christophsis, Ahsoka was sent to tell them about Jabba's son's kidnapping. Mutch to Anakin's shock Ahsoka revealed that she was now his padawan. But before anything else could be discussed they had to finish the Battle so that they could go rescue Jabba's son. After a quick skirmish the separatists were starting to fall back when they powered up their shield generator causing them to gain ground and make the republic forces retreat. Ahsoka and Anakin were sent to disable to generator before all of they clones were destroyed. After battling battle droids and many sentries Ahsoka and her new master made it to the generator and managed to turn it off just as the Republic was about to surrender. This caused the Republic to quickly overpower the remaining separatist forces and win the Battle. Soon after master Yoda arrived and destroyed the Blockade around the planet he sent a gunship down the get Anakin and Ahsoka to take them to their ship so they could find Jabba's Son and Anakin decided to keep Ahsoka.

Battle Of TethEdit

The Jedi managed to track Jabba's son to the planet of Teth where Asajj Ventress and separatist forces had taken him. The separatist base was quickly located in a monastery on top of a mountain and a task force was sent to find the young Huttlet. Battling their was up the mountain and towards the monastery Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka raced each other to the top. Once at the top the two Jedi with the help of their clones destroyed the enemy forces and moved into the monastery.

Reuniting The Hutts Edit

Searching For master PloEdit

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War On RylothEdit

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Cade Banes Jedi Temple AttackEdit

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Rescuing The YounglingsEdit

2nd Battle Of GeonosisEdit

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Pirates On FeluciaEdit

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Ahsoka Tano


Leaving The OrderEdit

Order 66 Edit

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  • Ahsoka was originally supposed to rejoin the Jedi Order at the end of The Wrong Jedi.


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